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Platzer is a leading property owner in the district Gårda, particularly in the northern area, and takes an active interest in everything relating to Gårda’s development. In addition to existing properties, Platzer is currently involved in several development projects.


At the northern end of the area, Gårda has merged with the district Stampen. Together the two areas are being developed into one vibrant city district comprising homes, schools, shops and offices. Norra Gårda is also easily accessible by both bicycles, public transport and car.

Gårda Vesta
Gårda Vesta

The detailed development plan for Platzer’s Gårda Vesta project was given the go-ahead in 2017. At 25 and 14  storeys high respectively, the towers will make Gårda Vesta a striking feature of the Gothenburg skyline.

Gårda Vesta will be Gothenburg’s first office building to achieve the Well Building standard. This means taking a holistic approach to construction of the building, looking at factors such as health, wellbeing, operation and design. 

Address: Vestagatan 4-6
Project start: 2017
Proposed occupancy: 2020
Area, LOA: 27,000 sq.m.
Number of floors: 14/25
Certifications: Well Building / Breeam Excellent
Architect: White

Find out more at gardavesta.se

Request a meeting with the developer:  Platzer Fastigheter AB

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Gårda Vesta