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Development of RegionCity is moving ahead swiftly. When the West Link railway tunnel underneath central Gothenburg opens for traffic during 2026, RegionCity is set to become a vibrant "downtown" for all of Scandinavia with equal distance to Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. 

Adding a brand new neighbourhood in the very centre of Sweden's second city, RegionCity will evolve as Scandinavia's future meeting place for people, ideas, business and public transport. 

Strategically located on the mouth of the Göta River, this is a natural meeting point dating back to viking times. This ”geographical jackpot” also laid the foundation for Gothenburg's growth. From this historical fact arose the idea of RegionCity as a dynamic focus point for the entire region. A place to meet, work, play and live - with sustainable travel accessible for all.

The current developments in and around RegionCity signifies Gothenburg’s bold investment in growth. This is where new and old parts of the city converge with the surrounding Västra Götaland region. It is also the logical hub for all public transport.

Since 2011 Jernhusen is working side by side with the City of Gothenburg in developing the station area. We are now moving from vision and concept to construction and realisation. So far we have introduced concepts for the Jubilee Tower and the River Tower, both rising some 20 stories high, as well as the first physical meeting place and testbed Jubileumsplatsen with its highly appreciated albeit temporary foodcourt.

The first towers as seen from the heart of RegionCity


RegionCity will be an attractive travel hub with new retail and station facilities


In addition, we establish a series of easy-to-follow pedestrian paths, connecting new and old neighborhoods and with easy access to both the river and the city parks.

To find the right balance of densification both sustainability and jobs must be considered. We tested several different options before deciding to aim for the sky. By introducing a tall cityscape on a concentrated surface, we can push the number of potential new jobs to 30,000.

The towers are planned for occupancy within a few years from now. Both offer world-class meeting facilities and workplaces just a few steps from the train platforms in an environment that stimulates job satisfaction and growth, regardless of company size and business activities.

RegionCity becomes a meeting place for one and all


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Jernhusen owns, develops and manages a property portfolio of railway stations, station areas, maintenance depots and freight terminals along the Swedish railroad network. Jernhusen is owned by the Swedish state and have about 200 employees. Our head office is located in Stockholm. The property portfolio amounts to 179 properties, with a total market value of SEK 14.4 billion.

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