HSB Blanka

Lindholmshamnen, HSB brf Blanka


Together we build Lindholmshamnen. 700 waterside homes in one of Gothenburg’s fastest growing districts. Lindholmen is a key hub of knowledge and collaboration within the media, arts and academia. With the addition of housing in Lindholmshamnen, the area will be further boosted to become an urban modern and sustainable place to live in. 

HSB Blanka

In the new area of ​​Lindholmshamnen in Gothenburg, 700 new homes, restaurants and shops are planned to fill the gap of the old shipyard. Together with the other residential developers in the area, HSB Göteborg forms a consortium with Skanska, Riksbyggen, Peab and Älvstranden Utveckling.

Within the consortium we work together with sustainability - social, ecological and economical. Together we set the bar high in our shared sustainability program for Lindholmshamnen, each company being responsible for implementing it in their respective housing.

HSB brf Blanka will consist of 122 new waterside apartments of high quality in one of Gothenburg’s fastest growing districts and a hotspot for academia and tech sectors. Lindholmen is a world-leading location for research and development. It has an international atmosphere and there is always something to do or enjoy. But that does not mean it cannot be improved. Lindholmen is not only intended to be a focal point for enterprise but also a fully-fledged urban district with life after office hours.

The four buildings that make up brf Blanka are drawn by Wingårdhs architect and will be constructed with sloping facades and exclusive materials. The facade will be made of smoked shingle style clay bricks, creating an exterior that looks striking both from a distance and up close. Sustainability ethics has played a big part in the project and brf Blanka will be built according to Nordic Ecolabel standards.

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