BoStad 2021

Stena Fastigheter

BoStad 2021 is a unique collaboration between private companies, co-operative institutions, municipal organizations and the City of Gothenburg. The collaboration will result in 7,000 new apartments being built and delivered, on top of the normal production, until the year 2021. The initiative is part of an effort to make Gothenburg into an even more attractive city in time for its 400th Anniversary.


Stena Fastigheter Göteborg is contributing with 1,000 new homes to this initiative. We are adding apartments to our existing residential properties at Pennygången, Fyrklöversgatan and Briljant- and Smaragdgatan. We are developing modern, space conscious homes in sustainable residential areas in close communication with our tenants.

Apart from meeting a great demand for housing in Gothenburg, the City of Gothenburg and the real estate developers are testing a new way of working. By working on the different parts of the plan process in parallel instead of in tandem, the entire process from start-to-finish can be cut and time saved. At an early stage, the work is being started by dialogue with the community. The aim is to involve people living in the neighborhoods, so they can have an impact on what will be built. In BoStad2021, the developers are taking a larger responsibility for the communication with the communites.

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