HSB Living Lab - the future of living


HSB Living Lab is a Third Generation Living Lab with the aim to find out how we should live in the future. This is an arena where we can explore the interaction between technology and materials and behaviour on a real scale.

The aim of this exciting project is to create knowledge of a more sustainable lifestyle in homes. 


HSB Living Lab has been up and running for about three years. This is what it looks like. And it might look like an ordinary building. But actually, it´s everything but an ordinary building. The HSB Living Lab is used to study sustainable living for the future – it’s science on a high level. But it isn’t science fiction. Which is why it doesn’t look like something from a science fiction film. Function and flexibility are more important. 

The building consists of 44 modules. Ten per floor and four on the roof. Each module is 140 cubic metres – and can accommodate three apartments. And you read right: we did use “cubic meters”, because at HSB Living we think three-dimensionally!

Inside you´ll find different social and experimental areas together 29 apartments. And in those apartments more than 30 normal residents live and have their permanent homes in here. But at the same time this house also is a laboratory where research and development is going on 24 hours a day. 2 000 sensors measure everything that is going on in the house. 

And also, it is a flexible building in which most things easily can be replaced. Like the façade, the isolation, technique inside, the architecture, the interior functions and so on. We wanted to create an environment as similar as possible to real homes, to real apartment buildings. And at the same time facilitate for research of getting a smooth, quick access to this real environment. To try out ideas and innovations in a real, ongoing system.


HSB Living Lab is a 10-year project. The house is going to be here for 10 years, with tenants living here and research being done. And this is also an important part of our aim to create a genuine environment in a real system.

Collaboration and co-creation are key words in the HSB Living Lab project. We are convinced that the future is best met together. Therefore, the HSB Living Lab is a collaboration between 12 long-term partners. Each with its own unique knowledge of research, development and property. If we work together, our knowledge will be greater than the sum of its parts. In addition to our long-term partner group we also welcome other collaborations. Our lab is therefore open to all, and anyone with an idea about sustainable living in the future is welcome. The international attention generated by the HSB Living Lab has also resulted in our participation in several EU projects.