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Global Business Gate

by Elof Hansson Properties and Alecta

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Sketch: Global Business Gate Architects

Global Business Gate – in the Scandinavian centre of global trade

Gothenburg has been and continues to be the Swedish business threshold to and from the world. 

Now the 40 000 m2 property of Global Business Gate will counsel trade and commerce into the future world international business. By creating this abode for international business, a community of competence and experience will be assembled in central Gothenburg. 

Global Business Gate
Global Business Gate

The Global Business Gate will be a beacon and haunt for companies engaged in world trade, and also for the academy specialized in trade and international exchange. Being fully dedicated to the vocation of trade makes Global Business Gate a solitary property – unique but not alone. A lively rendezvous for cosmopolitan business, expats, students and the nearby culture scene will make Global Business Gate the international meeting place. 

Placed at the waterfront, at Masthuggskajen in Gothenburg, with excellent public connections and in close vicinity of three established research science parks makes Global Business Gate the natural location for international enterprises. 

The historic setting, and the roots and inheritance of the developers, Elof Hansson Properties and Alecta, ensures that the property and concept Global Business Gate will service and support commercial businesses into the future. And at the same time sustaining and confirming the aim of its mother city – Gothenburg, the sustainable city open to the world.

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Global Business Gate
Developed and conceptualized by 

Proposal sketches: Global Business Gate Architects


Last updated: 18 February 2020