Interest in Gothenburg’s urban development has never been greater than it is now, says Business Region Göteborg’s Andreas Göthberg, project leader for the Gothenburg stand at Mipim. He gave us his round-up of this year’s property show in Cannes.  

You’ve been involved in Gothenburg at Mipim for a number of years now. How has interest in the Gothenburg region changed over time?

“In terms of the number of visitors in the stand, it increases every year. It’s partly the result of us improving our market reach of what’s happening in Gothenburg, but also because of the volumes of the developments planned. It really stands out.”  

Why is so much construction happening in the region?

“Gothenburg has seen a fantastic development since the turn of the millennium, both in terms of its population and economy. It’s clear for many why so much property and infrastructure development is planned through till 2035. Even from a European perspective, the volumes are huge. Many people can see potential business opportunities in being part of our region’s development.”

What have been some of your highlights from the week?  

“One of the best things for me has been the engagement of the 28 partner companies who showcased around 60 different projects. From our programme, a high point was when the Next Step Group, Vectura and Semrén&Månsson presented sketches for the first building of GoCo. They presented a stunning building which sparked great interest. Another highlight was when Gothenburg’s city architect Björn Siesjö held a guided tour and showed positive examples from other cities. The tour went past, for example, Seoul, London and Marseille’s stands.” 

“Overall we've had lots of interesting meetings, mostly with investors and suppliers to the construction industry. It's been a busy few days and we know from previous years that our efforts at Mipim have led to concrete business deals for the region’s companies.”