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An open and accepting place full of contrasts

Between Järntorget, Långgatorna and the harbor you will find an empowering location with its soul very close to the world, known as Masthuggskajen. With pulse and cultural dynamic, it continues to be a stimulating area with international impressions that ties the city together. It’s a place full of contrasts between old and new. Between grand and small-scale, high and low, global and local. Full of shops, vibrant streets and meetings between people. An area where it’s easy to live and operate in a sustainable way. Whatever you do or whoever you are, we hope you will join us making history.


Masthuggskajen is part of the largest urban development project in the Nordic region called Älvstaden. The development of Masthuggskajen will strengthen the connections with adjacent areas in Gothenburg such as Järntorget, Långgatorna, Masthugget and Lindholmen on the other side of the river.

To take care of the unique parts of the waterside there will be a boardwalk along the riverside through the area. The ambition is to create a sustainable Masthuggskajen, to make socializing and activities an everyday part of life. One of the enablers to reach this is a new city park. Commuting to Masthuggskajen today is very easy by tram, bus and boat connecting the city over the river.

Culture is strongly connected to Masthuggskajen. It really is something to be proud of and we want to strengthen the cultural node existing in the area today. Masthuggskajen's zoning plan takes this into great consideration and is also used as a pilot project for sustainable city development. Masthuggskajen is also the first city development project certified by Citylab, developed by the Sweden Green Building Council. This is the first certification system involving city development adjusted to the Swedish conditions.

The area will be built as a mixed city with a vibrant street life, including new housing, offices, hotel, green parks, culture and with lots of rendezvous, here you will find everything that you can expect from a modern city. To create a dynamic and welcoming environment buzzing around the clock, we work with open ground floors that are open to the public. This makes it possible to arrange cultural happenings towards the lively streets including both the old and new properties in the area and more.

The area will be developed with new homes, workplaces and venues for culture and entertainment. The zoning plan for Masthuggskajen includes 1 300 dwellings and 5 000 – 6 000 new workplaces with a total area of 320 000 sqm BTA, split between housing and offices and the dwellings both rental apartments and condominiums will be built.

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The building operators within the consortium that drives the development are Elof Hansson Properties, whose project Global Business Gate will give internationally oriented companies and organizations an inspiring office and meeting place; Stena Fastigheter that is developing apartments, business premises and several different meeting places; Fastighets AB Balder that focuses on the new hotel Clarion Hotel Draken; and NCC that focuses on modern workplaces by building Våghuset and Brick Studios, while Riksbyggen takes care of the main part of the apartments being built on Masthuggskajen.  


  • 1 300 new dwellings
  • 5 000 – 6 000 workplaces
  • 140 000 – 150 000 m2 area for offices, hotels, businesses and culture
  • Start of construction spring 2019
  • Occupancy from 2021 


Masthuggskajen is developed by the City of Gothenburg and a consortium consisting of Elof Hansson Properties, Fastighets AB Balder, NCC, Riksbyggen, Stena Fastigheter Göteborg and Älvstranden Utveckling.


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Illustration credits: Kanozi Arkitekter


Last updated: 19 February 2020