Pedagogen Park


A new district in Mölndal outside Gothenburg is being developed with high standards for sustainability. Skanska is building 350 environmentally certified apartments surrounded by unusually green courtyards.

Houses will be built using environmentally friendly materials and for low energy consumption. Every courtyard will include fruit trees and a greenhouse for the residents to use. In addition, Skanska has adopted a cultural strategy for a sustainable lifestyle, which lets architecture and art inspire and guide residents to new green habits.

Skanska also addresses social sustainability, making Pedagogen Park a test arena for the research project “Norm-creative visualization in urban development”. Visualizations of new buildings are frequently stereotypical in terms of age, gender, functional range and ethnicity. This project explores the potential of using visualizations to highlight and pursue norm-critical perspectives in urban development processes, in order to achieve innovative norm-creative solutions. This way, a bigger part of the population will feel included and welcome in the city of tomorrow.