Lilla Bommen

Lilla Bommen


LILLA BOMMEN – a spectrum of life in the heart of Gothenburg 

Over time, Lilla Bommen has always been an active and buzzing harbour and meeting place where people came to socialise, trade and work. If you wanted a piece of the world - Lilla Bommen was the place to visit. Going forward, we want to embrace this open history and create a vivid, colourful and unique district, which through its constant change reflects and contributes to the city’s diversity. When you think of Gothenburg in the future – Lilla Bommen is what you’ll see.

Lilla Bommen
Lilla Bommen in short
  • A dynamic district set to grow from 200,000 to 500,000 sq.m.
  • Where the city reaches over the river
  • Boosting the development of West Sweden
  • Playful and creative offices
  • Social meeting spots and urban riverwalk
  • Vibrant hotels, restaurants and event venues



Lilla Bommen is part of RiverCity Gothenburg, the largest urban development project in Scandinavia. The project will see the city centre double in size, and aims to connect the city, embrace the water and create an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city open to the world. In the new RiverCity, Lilla Bommen has a unique and attractive location, with dynamics between the harbour, bridge and city centre. In the city’s development visions, Lilla Bommen is given two main tasks – boosting the whole West Sweden region, and as the place where the city centre reaches over the river.

Vasakronan is today established in the area, mainly through the well-recognised red and white landmark building Läppstiftet. The Platinan project has started and the development will continue with more projects of a total of approximately 80,000 sq.m. In addition, Vasakronan’s allocated share in Götakvarteren is 32,000 sq.m.